Share Surveys

Share the Surveys through multiple ways!

Social Share

Social Share

Share surveys on social media and be popular with your audience. Customize the look and feel to make them stand out, and use hashtags to help them spread online.

Email (Individual/Bulk)

Customize everything about your surveys- the subject line, the message, and your signature. You can send surveys to individuals or groups of people at a time, and you can even schedule them to be sent periodically, with our recurring survey feature.


SMS (Individual/Bulk)

Text your surveys to respondents. Customize your message neat & nice. Test it before sharing. Get greater open rates and more responses with SMS surveys.

Push Notifications

Send the survey notification as a simple tile to any device. You can customize the look and feel, add an image, and edit the text. All you need to do is specify the tag values.

Push Notifications


Embed surveys on your website to get data from your visitors. whether as a button on your website or inline embedded, you can get actionable data from surveys.

QR code

Get a scannable QR code for your survey. Download the code image and print it in pamphlets, posters, or receipts. Your respondents can access the survey by scanning the QR code.

QR Code
Simple Link

Simple Link

To make it easy for you to share the survey with others, we've created a handy link you can copy and paste anywhere.

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