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We take data security seriously and ensure all information is encrypted from the start, preventing any unauthorized access.

Way before Survey

We appreciate your business and always try to put our clients first. You can add details in your survey before you start it, and you can also preview the survey before sending it to respondents.

Easy to set up


We pride in our budget-friendly pricing model. Our focus is to provide this tool for all kinds of businesses, so we have a range of packages from free to enterprise, that are affordable for businesses of all sizes. We even have a customizable enterprise option that defines the price based on the features you need.

Survey Availability

This option lets you choose how long a survey will be available, either by setting a time limit or allowing it to stay open indefinitely.

Push Notifications

Duplicate Responses

If you need to collect survey responses on a recurring basis, this feature can come in handy. You can schedule surveys to be sent out at specific times, or have them appear automatically on user's devices. This makes it easy to gather feedback from your audience on a regular basis.

Anonymous Survey

If you want to solicit feedback from your users without having to expose their personal information, you can use our anonymous feedback option. This will allow them to share their thoughts and opinions comfortably without revealing any private details.

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User Information

We have a user information option which can be used to take details for anonymous responses before or after the survey. It can be made mandatory or optional. The details you can take are name, email and phone number. This provides an extra layer of security and anonymity for respondents.

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