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We are Spicyfy Ventures LLC, a U.S.-based startup company with a mission to develop AI-oriented tools specifically designed for micro businesses. This endeavor has resulted in the creation of several innovative products. These include Surveyed®, an AI-driven platform for live surveys, Akshara®.ai, a tool powered by AI to generates websites and chatbots,, lightwaight superfast CRM,, a platform to facilitate creative processes,, a digital platform for virtual tours, and, a tool designed for collecting and analyzing feedback

Vamsi Kandikonda, Founder Spicyfy Ventures LLC

Vamsi is an accomplished entrepreneur and technologist with a passion for developing innovative solutions. As the Founder and CEO of Spicyfy Ventures LLC, he steers the development of AI-driven tools tailored for micro businesses. His portfolio includes groundbreaking products such as,,, and more. Vamsi's extensive experience in technology and business, combined with his commitment to pushing boundaries, has positioned him as a notable figure in the startup landscape. Vamsi has previously established and co-founded companies such as and Kinetic Application Technologies LLC.

Vamsi Kandikonda