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Spicyfy Ventures LLC is a U.S.-based startup company. Our main focus is to develop AI-based tools for micro businesses. As part of this initiative, we've developed RoboChat, an intelligent chatting solution for micro businesses, Surveyed™, an AI-powered video survey platform, and several other apps.

Introducing SURVEYED - Video based surveys

With Surveyed, collecting qualitative insights through video responses has never been easier.

Surveyed aids in collecting faster, richer qualitative feedback by combining the power of video with AI-based advanced survey functionalities. These functionalities include targeting, logic, and segmentation, which enable you to receive authentic and impactful responses from those who matter most to your business.

spicyfy features
spicyfy feature
Capture powerful insights with the click of a button.
Accelerate time to insight by analyzing feedback efficiently.
Share powerful stories with your stakeholders.
Understand customer experience.
Use pre-defined templates to streamline your survey creation process.
Humanize the customer feedback process.
Gain unparalleled insights.
Create impact by bringing the voice of the customer to life.
Breathe life into surveys with simple integration, making them easier than ever before.
Benefit from automated audio-to-text conversion.
Utilize AI-based sentiment analysis and sentiment & theme categorization.
spicyfy features

All this starts with.....

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Create a New Survey

We compile all your product review videos into a single, feature-wise video file.

Define your survey metadata, i.e., the type of questionnaire, and options such as whether video/text is mandatory, etc.
Create Survey.
Select Type of questionnaire.
opt for video feedback.
Select Questionnaire
Conducting surveys through can provide valuable insights into your audience or users.
Our AI system generates a questionnaire for you, which you can select and edit as per your survey needs.
Select questions.
Edit questions if needed.
Select Type of video to stitch.
how it works images
how it works images
Invite Reviewers
Whether you're targeting individual customers or a group, surveys can offer valuable insight into your target market's desires and needs.
After specifying the product you want to review, you can send as many invitations as you wish to your user base.
Save your survey
Share your survey
Generate Review Videos
Surveys are always helpful in the development of your products/services.
Once you receive the desired number of responses, you can finalize them to create a separate video for each reviewer or one comprehensive video for the entire survey, depending on your needs.
Select videos to stitch together.
Finalize stitched video.
how it works images
That’s not all we provide you!
Our AI and ML tools separate positive and negative reviews.
We provide the stitched video according to your preference.
We also help make your video reviews viral by posting them on various social media sites.